GMT and -7 GMT (without daylight savings) OR My Two New Loves

I got to spend the last two weeks of April in Arizona with my family and friends. My many thanks to you all for taking the time to spend with me and for making my visit an absolute joy. I know Phoenix (at that time) was still considered to be “not that hot”, but I was painfully aware the whole week I was there that I have definitely acclimated to a cooler climate. I still don’t like being cold, but my tolerance for heat has definitely lowered. A LOT happened while I was back – my good friend Kristin had her baby girl, Makenna (oh she’s a cutie for sure!); my other good friend Tina had a birthday (thank you for letting us celebrate with you!); and my heart was stolen by another guy (well, baby actually, my newest nephew Patrick!).

Whilst in Flagstaff, I played babysitter for a week, during the days while Lindy was at work. Even though there were some (not naming names, but you know who you are) that thought I might not be too savvy on the baby routine, I think Patrick and I had a great time. I knew I loved him before this because he’s my nephew and he’s Lindy’s son and all that, but I actually got a chance to get to know him and while I will admit I’m a bit biased, this kid is the cutest, sweetest thing. We went for walks, watched Baby Einstein, and munched on some yummy (NOT!) baby snacks. My absolute favorite part of the whole trip was going upstairs when Patrick had just woken up from his nap. He’d be lying in bed just talking away at the ceiling. He would smile when I walked in and lie still long enough for me to kiss his face a few times, gently closing his eyes and lightly smiling. Really, of all the images I have in my head, this one is the best, BY FAR! And I thought I missed him before………..

My next newest love was discovered this past Saturday. My good friend Chantal from the Netherlands was in town visiting (thank you again my homie) and we woke up to a very nice London spring day – just a few clouds in the sky but pretty warm and even moments of sunshine. So we decided to head to Greenwich. I had heard it was a cool spot and boy “they” were not lying. We walked down quaint (busy) streets and found a place for lunch, then walked over to the Greenwich Market (1 of 3 or so). People were packed into an area lined with stalls of vendors selling everything from clocks to fortunes (the palm reader’s booth was actually quite busy). At one end of the market area was an amazing assortment of food vendors – Ethiopian, Brazilian, Spanish and more! We had already eaten, but still shared a crepe on the way out (Nutella and banana, the BEST!). After a short walk in the HUGE park nearby (where THE spot for GMT is located) we made our way home. What a great, sunny, yummy, day. We’ll definitely be frequenting Greenwich in the future.

A big shout out to all the Moms today! I hope you had a special day. My friend Gin did a great job of reminding me just how special Mother’s are!

3 Responses to “GMT and -7 GMT (without daylight savings) OR My Two New Loves”

  1. Carol says:

    Love your Blog! Great pictures/story of Mt Sinai – I am so jealous.
    Yes, babies are the best – the look of love in their eyes is so very wonderful.
    Keep writing.


  2. Katie says:

    Thank you Carol! I love it when people comment – take care!

  3. Jen S. says:

    Katie! I’m so glad you have a blog now so we can read about your far-away doings! 🙂

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