“Oh please don’t go – we’ll eat you up – we love you so!”
~Where the Wild Things Are


Given the human propensity towards remembrance, its no surprise my thoughts these last couple of weeks have gone repeatedly back to “this time last year…..”

The weeks leading up to Carter’s delivery were relaxing and peaceful. The nursery was done. Diapers bought. Book read. I felt prepared and ready. OK, more ready to NOT be pregnant anymore than ready to actually take care of a baby.

But when the hospital called to say they had a room ready, all of a sudden I felt that being pregnant for another week wouldn’t be so bad. I’m well aware that my whole labor and delivery experience was near blissful. Sure it was hard, but given all that can go wrong I count myself one of the luckiest women ever.

I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to capably put into words how it feels to bring a child into the world. And how its felt to watch him grow this last year. Someone once told me that it takes 10 years to be able to look back on a life event and accurately feel and understand it (let alone write about it). I had always known this about myself (years ago I self-diagnosed myself with something I like to call DRE – Delayed Reaction to Emotion), so it was good to hear from someone else that this was normal, especially if you were going to write about it.

So for now, after working on this post for the past week, all I can recount with confidence is that I feel ridiculously fortunate that I made it through the first year of parenting with an amazingly wonderful son to show for it. He’s the best work I’ve ever done; the most scary, brilliant, frustrating, awe-inspiring, tiring, truly beautiful endeavor I’ve ever have or will know.

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  1. Russ B says:

    Cheers to you wonderful parents and a beautiful boy. He is very lucky to have you both!!

  2. Tina Bradley says:

    Well said…Let’s remember how hard you worked to keep his little world calm and days filled with your love and giggles and learning. Your a good Mama…you should really have more kids!!!

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