A Robbery, A Move, and A Rash

It’s been an exciting couple of months here in London. For those of you who haven’t heard, here’s a short (?) re-cap:

Towards the middle of February I returned from a great weekend in the Netherlands (seeing friends, discovering a hidden gem of a museum, experiencing a wonderful feeling of familiarity) to an apartment full of muddy footprints and glove marks, a broken window, and the most fear I’ve experienced thus far in my life. While the thief didn’t get much “loot” (except an irreplaceable bracelet given to me by one Mrs. Tina Bradley – I’m still angry about that!) he/she did get my sense of safety and security.

A couple weeks before the robbery, Stephen had suggested that we find a different apartment at the end of the year when our lease was up. I completely balked at the idea – packing, ugg…..lifting, ouch….unpacking, argh. But once you don’t feel safe somewhere, the prospect of a new place is quite appealing and completely overruled my disdain for moving. Within 2 weeks we found a new place (18 stories up and without the robber friendly scaffolding of the old apartment), packed, and moved.

We only had a few days in our new place before we headed off to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt and the beauty of the Red Sea. The idea was for Stephen and I to get scuba certified and dive in one of the most beautiful dive spots in the world. For me, the trip was kind of a disaster from the beginning. I drank waaay too much with our German host the first night we were there. The next day I forgot that I’ve been living in Europe for the last 2 ½ years (not AZ) and my now pasty skin burned in no time. Then came time to scuba and it turns out I’m allergic to it! Haha. On the first check in the pool I freaked trying to clear my mask, and sitting the next day just discussing going under again I broke out in a rash all over my body. Could’ve been the hangover, the sunburn, some allergy to milk, fear of the scuba……probably a combination of all the above. My body shut er’ down and I spent the rest of the week trying not to itch, applying rash cream, and sitting in the shade.

Even though some of my worst fears were realized in the last couple of months, as I write this I look back and laugh. If we hadn’t of been robbed we never would’ve got to move to our new apartment – which we absolutely LOVE (great views, very modern but still cozy, safe and secure). The move itself was much less painful than I had anticipated. Since I pack like the old man from the Richard Pryor movie “Moving”, Stephen packed most of the house (thanks babe!); we hired some very friendly Polish guys to do the heavy lifting; and unpacking was fun with so much more room and being able to go out on the terrace for the sunset when it got too boring. And if we hadn’t gone to Egypt I never would’ve got to laugh, sing (“who’s Johnny, she said….”) and have fun with our friends Kris and Lisa (which was the best part anyway – we love you guys!). Also in Egypt we took an over night hike to the top of Mt. Sinai (or Moses Mountain). The no sleep, cold, and physical challenge was all worth it to see the sun come up over the beautiful vastness of the dessert. It was sitting on the cold rock at the top, being gradually warmed by the rising sun, that I was reminded once again that there’s good in everything that happens – even if it scares you, makes you tired, or gives you a rash. ?

The first quarter here at KowalCentral (London Office) ended with a wonderful visit from our wonderful friends Shelly & Jordan Olmstead. We really appreciate them spending their spring break with us and loved having them as our first American guests. We filled the week with trips to: Tower of London, Regent Street for some shopping, Windsor Castle, British Museum and a great exhibit on Babylon, the National Gallery (where we were actually able to eat lunch on the steps in the sun!) and another great exhibit on Picasso, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, and a wonderful performance of the play “Wicked”. We hope they had as much fun as we did – we love you guys!

My internship with the Starfish Foundation is going great. I’ll be sad to leave in a couple of weeks. The gals I’ve been working with are great and it’s been a wonderful experience. My writing class also ended this past week. So its time to sign up for another one – I’m already excited. The weather is getting warmer and we’re looking forward to a spring time IN LONDON!

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