Things that have made me happy lately – or – some NOT so deep thoughts

When new recipes go right
Thanks to the G20 summit I wasn’t able to go in to do my internship during that week (the building where I go is right in the middle of where all the craziets protests were happening). So, like the world leaders next door, I took some time to really sit down and contemplate some big issues: how can I help the planet? Am I doing enough for the less fortunate? When will my amazon order get here? And of course, what should I make for dinner? Yes, I know……..whatever it is that you’re thinking, I know.

Inspired by one friend’s fish pie and the free (its free if its just laying there and I pick it up and take it right?) magazine I found downstairs with the article on not wasting food, I decided to throw all the almost gone bad produce into a pot, add some cumin, then bake it with mashed potatoes on top. To my shock and delight my “cottage pie” turned out really well! Score! My next culinary success would come only 1 day later when I again managed to throw some stuff (rice and beans mostly) into some red peppers and yield another good dinner. My number of “meals that I can cook well” has now doubled………to 4.

Too early for drinks? Nah……..
Apparently, here in London (and indeed what I’ve seen of the rest of Europe as well) “too early” and “drinks” don’t ever co-exist in the same sentence. It warms my heart to see an elderly couple enjoying a beer with breakfast. And it makes me smile to see a couple toasting with a glass of wine at lunch (lunch starts at 10:30 right?). And what makes me happiest about the Europeans lack of “appropriate drinking times” is when I see a man in a suit walking through Canary Wharf business district with a nice tall can of Boddingtons! (think Budweiser only worse). I have yet to fully adopt these new drinking rules. But for the sake of fitting in and assimilating, I’m working very hard at it.

And now here’s Al with the weather
As most of you know, the weather has been one of my biggest complaints since moving here. And even as I type and gaze out my rain splattered window into the abyss of fog that has engulfed our building, I must give props to Mother Nature for providing over a whole week of sunny, warm (I use this term in its most relative context) days. Yes, being able to go outside with only 1 layer (as opposed to 3) and a coat makes me happy. As the days get longer and warmer, the impending summer makes me very happy!

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  1. MOM says:

    Right on Katie, cooking is soooooo fun, most especially IF it all turns out!! As for the weather, we spent Easter Sunday with a very wet snow accompanied by thunder and lightning. Guess Mother Nature has a since of humor after all. I cooked a ham, fresh green beans, and of course deviled eggs. Brandy and Jordan joined us, (B was at the fire department). Very low keyed day!! Hope you have a great week.
    Love you, MOM ( I assume this is okay in a blog, this is the first time I’ve done this, n besides I am THE MOM)

    • Stephen says:

      Dear THE MOM… thank you for your post. It is the first official post EVER on Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Kate and I enjoyed a low key holiday as well. Love SMK

  2. Jen says:

    Hey Katie!

    I’m so glad to be in touch with you and am in the process of updating my passport so that I can, indeed, come for a visit, so I hope you were sincere in your offer! It’s pretty clutch to have something to look forward to right now! I struggle to feel super stoked on much lately, so even the simple planning of a trip to see you is most enjoyable! Curious if you guys have a time that would work best and during which the weather will be least depressing!??? Be in touch, Kate (it’s weird for me to call you Kate, so I often forget, sorry) and have a blast in the States!

    Lots of love,

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